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2015 Wholesale Price List

In our catalog, you will find great deals on our exclusive JOBE products. This will help make your store a little more fun for your customers and more profitable for you. Many of our products are unique. They are manufactured by or exclusively for us. We are constantly adding and improving our product line to better serve you.

Terms and Conditions of Sales

Shipments will be made when goods are available and prices in effect on the day of shipment.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices are FOB Henderson Nevada.

First minimum wholesale order $500.00. After first order minimum is $50.00.

Shortages must be reported within seven days of receiving your order.

Returns must be made within ten days of you receiving an order and by prior approval. Please return items to the address below.

Special guidelines apply to drop shipments. Call for details.

Return Authorization is mandatory before returning product to our warehouse. Freight damage should be reported directly to the carrier.


TESORO, GARRETT & FISHER products can only be purchased by Authorized Dealers by territory. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact JOBE Wholesale LLC at 1-866-838-5623

JOBE 2017 Catalog

Our 2017 JOBE catalog displays only retail prices and therefore, feel free to give them to your customers or use them in your store to describe products. If you need extra copies, just ask and we will include them with your orders.  We now have generic catalogs for you to put your company name on and are available for $0.75 with minimum order of 12 or a case of 80 for $0.40 each.

Custom Catalogs For Your Store

A customized version is available for individual stores. These have the front and back covers customized with your store information and therefore appear to be your store catalog. These are available at annual printing with a cost of $.55 each and a 1000 piece minimum. Call for details.


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